Founder Nnamdi Ikechukwu started with a vision to enable
powerful attitudes within powerful women using powerful designs. Born in Cheshire, UK, Nnamdi was immersed in the world of fashion growing up as a child in Africa and then the UK. The influence of the powerful women around him during his childhood sparked the seed to create something new and different which reflected their bold and beautiful spirit. For him, fashion was never just about utility, it was about bringing out the inner confidence and life to the soul. After experiencing the different fashion trends from around the world, his zeal brought him halfway across the globe to the beautiful city of Auckland, New Zealand. His passion project was always meant to turn into something more than a dream. A dream which has now turned into a humble journey of an established brand we now call ikésenti.



/ ʌɪkɑː  sɛntiː / (noun)
In the West African language, Igbo, Iké stands for ‘Power’ and Senti for ‘Saint’.

ikésenti stands for the Powerful Saint, She, who carves her own unique pathway and walks her journey with her head held high. Her weapon is her confidence and you can hear it in her walk.

 ikésenti was born out of the vision to empower the confident and spirited woman with bolder and brighter footwear. The intent of the brand has always been to move away from the mainstream trends and inject colour into the designs which mirror her inner confidence. Our designs are about style, quality and comfort and our intention is to bring an exciting element to every working woman’s wardrobe. A powerful attitude towards powerful designs, ikésenti is the essential for those looking to define and express themselves through fashion.


ikésenti is proudly designed in New Zealand.  With a strong focus on quality, luxury footwear, all of our shoes are handcrafted in Brazil, Indonesia, Portugal and Spain, where we work with our factory partners to make sure all of our ethical and quality benchmarks are met. Sourcing only the best leathers from reputable tanneries across the world, we employ the most remarkable colours straight from the international runways for every range released. Our shoes and handbags combine timeless composition with contemporary, cutting edge design to create a striking accessory that you will pull out time and time again to complete your outfit.