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The vision for ikésenti was born one afternoon while walking down the streets of Bristol, UK, when founder Nnamdi Ikechukwu found himself unable to find the perfect pair of shoes and clothes he was looking for. A thought occurred to Nnamdi, designers design what they like to wear. This thought sparked something in Nnamdi and he realized he must become the designer, to find the style he was looking for. He wasn’t going to wait for his preferred styles to arrive in the market, he was going to bring his style to the market himself.

Despite being born in the UK, Nnamdi remained true to his West African roots. One thing led to another till Nnamdi came up with a brand name which reflected his own true feelings and personality. This was the start of ikésenti. In the West African language, Igbo, "iké" stands for Power and "senti" for Saint, the Power of the Saint.


Although the vision for ikésenti began in the UK in 2011, it wasn’t until Nnamdi arrived in New Zealand that his dream was tangibly realized, as it was a country he was excited to call home. He soon settled in Auckland and believed it was time to launch the brand he had envisioned three years ago. Those three years had allowed him to fill in the gaps in the journey and make his dream more concrete. He was ready with the concept and look of ikésenti. This dream was so close and personal to Nnamdi that it was important for him to launch the brand on a day that would be memorable and special to him, so he launched the brand’s first Ladies Fashion shoe range, which was made out of Spain, on the 10th December 2014, the same day as his birthday. And that was a dream eventually realised.


Since its initial launch in December 2014, it has been a journey of defining and redesigning the brand and product range. The dream was to offer the world edgy and bold designs and that mark the presence of ikésenti in the global market. This led the brand to extend its reach to Australia and soon the rest of the world, Nnamdi brought in a whole new team and a creative director to walk this journey with him. The brand was relaunched with the bold vision of finding the brand’s voice in the market of Fashion. ikésenti is now not afraid to flex its muscles in asserting its unique voice and searching to connect with its followers. Thus, the Autumn/Winter 2020 collection was conceived.


So, this year is exciting for us and it sees the entry of the relaunched look and feel of the brand. The sampling process for the latest collection has been quite meticulous, both an exciting and challenging journey to produce what you are currently looking at. We have had a lot of fun, recreating the brand and its products and talking to new retailers. Now, it is time to let our followers share the journey with us. What you are looking at is the new website, recently launched, presenting the new brand look to you. The new ikésenti, a brand that truly aims to provide the bold and elegant styles you’re looking for.