Growing up in Western Africa and Cheshire, UK; Nnamdi (Nam-dee) Ikechukwu was surrounded by confident women with a reverence for fashion. 

"Their outfits were never just about utility, they were a means of expression, they held power,” he says. “They combined cultural and contemporary in a way that felt so natural and elegant and I wanted to echo that spirit.”  

For Nnamdi creating products from premium leather was an obvious one. Cheshire was a region well known for its tanneries due to its vast oak forests, the bark of which is rich in the tannins used to make leather.  

Then there is the long history of legendary leatherwork in West Africa, where footwear in particular commanded respect, majesty and authority in society.   
"Shoes were made for status or ceremony and were part of a royal tradition of handing down footwear across generations," says Nnamdi. "Like the British Royal Family and the Crown Jewels." 

The result is ikésenti - born of two words from the West African language that mean 'power' and 'saint’ and a range of simple yet strong, luxurious yet humble designs in runway-fresh colours. 

His shoes, boots and handbags are made from leather sourced from one of the best Italian luxury tanneries in Europe committed to the environment and sustainable development.  

They are then crafted by hand in Brazil, Indonesia, Portugal and Spain with factory partners where all ethical and quality benchmarks are met.